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Consulting Services With a Turn-Key Approach 

As a non-biased company, the experts at PMC Consulting Group provide an outsiders approach when you are too close to understand what needs to be accomplished to make your business as profitable and saleable as possible. Our small business consulting services in New York City can provide your organization with a full analysis and help you develop a business plan that fits your objectives. We also offer other consulting services along the way, including helping you develop and implement mission statements, business policies and procedures, and helping you hire and train sales teams.  

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Implementing Sales Strategy & Processes to Drive Revenue

We can help your company develop strategies that will drive revenue and grow your business. We will put a structure in place, including commissions, sales, and performance indicators; and put reports in place to ensure that those standards are being met. This way, you'll be able to take charge and manage it on your own. We can even train your salesmen and managers on the processes. It is a great service for any business focused on selling products, particularly healthcare products.

Develop & Implement a Mission for Existing Businesses

You can quickly waste investment cash if you don't have the right mission set out for your business. We can help your company by evaluating and negotiating mergers and acquisitions to meet your specific goals. This service includes a deep dive into your current business model, investors, and positions. We will help you develop a timeline to follow, and we can stay involved with you every step of the way, or just provide you with a roadmap. Case studies are also available for this service.

Top Companies

PMC Consulting is proud to have worked with many fortune 500 companies as well as family-owned organizations. Every company is unique in its mission, design and purpose and our team knows how to navigate the challenges and help create the opportunities.

  • Bar X-Ray
  • Beacon Dental
  • Compass One Healthcare
  • Crothall Healthcare
  • Darby Medical
  • Flow X-ray
  • Graham Chemical, Co
  • Henry Schein, Inc
  • IDE Interstate, Inc
  • Minimax X-Ray
  • Modern Medical Systems
  • Morrison Healthcare
  • Pro-Flow, Inc
  • Schueler Healthcare Products
  • Star Professional Pharmaceuticals
  • Tolmar Pharmaceuticals
  • Wolf X-Ray
  • Zila Pharmaceuticals

Sales Systems:

  • Microsoft CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Siebel CRM
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PMC Resources & Staff

PMC Consulting has a focused group of experts to assist your business or Healthcare System.


  • CFO
  • Director of Finance
  • Accounting Management

Employee Development:

  • Full Service Recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Training

Business Management:

  • VP Sales
  • Director of Operations
  • Office Manager
  • VP Business Operations

Operations Support:

  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Clinical Engineer Support
  • Healthcare Operations Expertise



Health Products Company

Startup to $3.5M is Revenue - Sold Company in 40 months

Medical Supply Company

Took an established Medical Supply organization from $40M - $75M in 24 months - sold division for $31M.

Medical Services Company

Re-engineered an established medical services company, struggling to post a profit. In 18 months the company was profitable and sold for a 20 times multiple.